In attendance:

From APO: Lea

Reps: Julie, Anna, Guy, Katie, Emily, Becca

  1. Off the charts event
    1. Reviews from first with Susan Avery seemed positive, turnout ~30
    2. Next one is Weds 15 January, 4:30pm, food should be out by 4:15
    3. And following that, Thurs 23 Jan, 4:30pm, food from Anejo.
  2. Principiae communications workshop to be planned by BIG with support from WHOI Student Organization, set for 28 Jan. Look for BIG’s emails.
  3. Winter meeting Thursday 6 March
  4. JP Retreat is 7-9 February
    1. Rental costs for the house increased; need concomitant price increase for students
      1. Will be $40 for JP students, $50 for guests
      2. Unlikely to be any guests since JP students have priority
    2. Sign up is 10am Tues 21 Jan, need to pay Katie Pitz by Jan 28 to hold spot
  5. Computer and TV status in student center
    1. New computers ordered, old ones tagged for removal
    2. “Media room upgrade” longevity vs. cost
      1. Can we just buy a refurbished screen, or do we want a whole new system?
      2. How much can we spend on it?
  6. Social hour: Olympics themed, held 20 February
  7. The Future
    1. Large Event Fund funding deadline—need to apply for JP picnic funds
    2. Winter meeting planning
    3. Open house is 9-11 March
    4. Steinbach scholars = Bio, PO, and at-large
      1. Talk to previous reps about who’s been nominated and invited in past years
      2. Nominations by end of the month, voting by mid-February, initial invites in March
      3. No geographical limitations